Helping Halia launch Their
Quirky Website in Shopify

Who said periods can’t be fun? Halia Co redefines the period experience by producing biodegradable pads designed for comfort. With a mission to empower all and find harmony between us and the world, Halia helps make period personally and environmentally guilt-free. It’s a win-win 🌱

Together with Odin and Grotesk, Yello Studio designed Halia’s website. From the development of the wireframes to the final design, we got into the flow to bring the cute and quirky website to life. Period.


Alexa Jocom

The Yello Solution

Yello Studio ensures an all-around approach in design. We found the middle ground of ACCESSIBLE and ENGAGING. We researched how to customize selected portions of Shopify, and we tweaked some of the code in the backend. To bring a little more charm to a fun brand, we added moving strips, animated buttons, a custom cursor, and an interactive infographic!
“Working with OG and Yello Studio was one of the best decisions I’ve made, especially as a first time founder. I admire their attitude since they are very easy to work with.

They were very accommodating to all my requests and they really did their best to deliver. I’m really grateful for the team’s hard work as they were able to execute.”

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