Anna PH

Anna is birth control made easy by helping women get the birth control pills they need discreetly at the comfort of their own home. 💊 But it’s not all that! They also empower women to take charge of their fertility health and to become advocates for their own bodies and reproductive systems.


Anna PH


In this day and age, social media presence is a must for businesses to grow and to be recognized. And as for Anna’s interesting challenge,

“How will I be able to communicate with the Gen Z market regarding reproductive health while expanding my reach in social media?”

The Yello way of course! 💛


The team worked intently with Anna to create savvy designs that visually associates with Gen Z. With the markets’ fun and friendly personality, we went for an art direction that explores on retro line art and adding informative content for their social media posts—creating a connection with their target audience, all while growing their business proficiently. 💗

Are you ready to let go of design tasks and focus more on what you do best?

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