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So, you’re more than ready to give
your brand the brightest makeover,
but you’re thinking...

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“There are a million different designers out there, what makes you different?”

I get you. Everybody can design nowadays, maybe you even tried designing in Canva. But then you realize, it doesn’t work. It doesn’t speak your brand’s personality, and much worse, it’s driving your dream clients away.

That’s where I can help! I’m Pau, and here at Yello, we do strategic thinking in designing your brand–and by means of strategy, we’re gonna be your stalkers–study your brand story, personality and even your competitors.

The best part, our strategy works. Take it from our clients.

Hey, they say I’m fun to work too...

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“We got a lot of positive feedback from our audience saying they loved the new logo”

You've been working with us for some time and I think we work well together. You exceeded our expectations. I think you really captured what it was we were looking for and I love that we were able to come up with a logo that gave meaning to our brand. I like that you communicate well with us, keep us posted and that the end product comes out better than what we imagined.
Melissa Maribel
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“brand discovery questionnaire were such great help with getting to know my brand.”

I knew how good you were, I wouldn't have reached out if I had any doubts. 🙂 You performed above and beyond anything I could have expected, Pau! I like how thorough, friendly, and professional the service has been from our first inquiry call to wrapping up the project. I felt very listened to and seen, and I saw how much heart was put into making Sinta come alive in design. It's fleeting to find someone who really cares about the business as much as their clients do, and I feel that with Yello Studio. My success is Yello's too.

When it comes to doing design magic
that helps businesses, I’m no newbie.

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So, it all started when I gave up on my dreams...

My first design job was not just a design job. I was wearing different hats that time: copywriting, video editing, art directing, you name it and I do it! I was even awarded as one of the best employee of the year.

While exploring sounds fun, it led to burnout. I remember telling myself that I don’t want to be stuck in this routine, even though what I am doing is design-related. Something’s not right.

I asked myself, “What do I really want in life and how would I get there?” I quit my dream job.

Goodbye 8-5, hello flexible time! Or so I thought...

Look, I was just starting out as a freelancer, so I didn’t really have a specific niche (or even plan) in mind.

Tried to offer my service to anyone or any business. Which made me even more confused.

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Finally, I said ‘Yello!’ to queens like you!

I felt that “spark of joy” when started working with coaches and course creators. I find their work inspiring.

Their unwavering enthusiasm just makes working enjoyable too! That’s when I realized: my ideal clients are PASSIONATE PEOPLE who love sharing and teaching what they do best.

Does this sound familiar? Sound like you?

If that’s a big yes, keep reading.



What matters most?

Always be true to yourself.

We believe that letting your unique personality shine to everything you do, attracts the brightest energy in the universe and your kind of people.

Always be open with team-ups.

It’s always more fun to work with the right people. We love being inspired with exchanging different point of views, ideas and stories.

Always stay curious and creative.

In Yello, we loooove exploring and taking risks. These allows us to growth, get out of our comfort zone. That’s what being fearless is all about–getting better and better everyday.


If these lines up with what you believe too, I’d love to meet you!

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And with taking risk,
our work got featured!

Lowkey flexin that one of our work was featured in a design book from the biggest design conference in the Philippines–Graphika Manila!

The secret? Confidence and gut to submit an entry 5 mins before the deadline! That’s where going in for leap takes you!

While taking the leap can be a bit scary, having a team who got your back makes your design journey fun. Remember, with the scary truth, comes with the most amazing results.

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Ready to take the leap

and see actual results?

If you’ve reach this, I think we’re a good fit! I’d love to learn more about you
and what you do, the spotlight’s yours. Just let me know a few details and
let’s talk about your brand goals and how we can achieve it together!
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