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Helping Melissa Maribel
have a solid brand identity.

Melissa Maribel LOVES Chemistry, and she’s good at it, too! Since a lot of students have a hard time with this subject, it’s a great opportunity for Melissa to share what she knows. Through her online resources, she makes learning chemistry simple and easy to understand. These students deserve to have a great teacher that genuinely encourages them and cares.



“[I want] to get my name correct. Some students think my name is Maribel or Marissa.”

Melissa wanted to have clearer brand recognition and ultimately generate more sales. She already knew what her brand is all about, who she serves, and her big why. But she found it tricky to figure out what graphic elements to use in her course materials. 

The next step? Translating this into a cohesive yet still dynamic visual brand. From her logo to the fonts and other design elements, a consistent and fun art direction that appeals to her target market are definitely what she needs to achieve this.


Yello Studio worked closely with Melissa to develop her visual identity. One step at a time, day by day, I got to know her a little more, and from there, we brainstormed art directions that would fit her perfectly. This wouldn’t be possible without an open line of communication! Together, we worked as a team, and that’s the best part of every design project.

Melissa Maribel

Mock-ups. Youtube Thumbnails. E-book Covers.

Melissa Maribel simplifies Chemistry and encourages students to learn through her resources: YouTube channel, my step-by-step Chemistry how-to guides, notes and flashcards. I helped on designing her Youtube thumbnails and did various works for her resources like E-book covers and mock ups for product presentation. 

Note: Worksheet design is provided by the client.

What Melissa Maribel thinks of Yello Studio

"It was so great working with Pauline. She had great communication every step of the way and she did very well with hitting our deadline. I was very impressed by the quality work she achieved and I plan to hire her again for future projects."

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