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Melissa Maribel

Melissa Maribel Mock-ups. Youtube Thumbnails. E-book Covers. Melissa Maribel simplifies Chemistry and encourages students to learn through her resources: YouTube channel, my step-by-step Chemistry how-to guides, notes and flashcards. I helped on designing her Youtube thumbnails and did various works for her resources like E-book covers and mock ups for product presentation.  Note: Worksheet design is …

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Adulting Zine This is a case study project only. Made for school purposes.  A series of illustration that consists of different imagery depicting a person’s experience during adulthood. Gathering my thoughts about adulting, it is something complicated, yet also something a person can overcome. MORE OF OUR WORK VIEW ALL

Canva Internship

What: Launch Canva Manila’s first-ever Internship Program, “Canva Internship” This is a case-study only and was made for personal reasons. It was a fun project!  The designer incorporated the pillars of Canva to the art direction of the campaign. The idea evolves around the concept of food or cooking, making it relatable to the audience …

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Advocacy Campaign: Awareness on Indigenous Pinoy Street Games This is a case study project only. Made for school purposes.  This campaign is designed to create awareness on indigenous Pinoy street games like the tumbang-preso, luksong lubid, luksong baka etc. The idea was to use rounded, basic and fun elements with a warm-tone color palette to …

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Einstein’s Dreams

Einstein’s Dreams This personal project aims to interpret an excerpt from the book, Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman. Experimenting on digital painting, the designer played on the different brush strokes to achieve the desired art style. MORE OF OUR WORK VIEW ALL


Physics Society of Mapua

The Physics Society of Mapua nurtures, applies, and propagates knowledge in physics in the Mapuan community. The society, using creative, fun, yet effective ways, assists in the appreciation of Physics all through out Mapua by applying laws and theories of great physicists in everyday life and quarterly holding events essential to the understanding of physics. …

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Project Ayuda

Ayuda (n) -to help That’s the summary of what Project Ayuda is about. We started this passion project last 2018. The main goal of Project Ayuda is to donate unifoms to the Aeta kids at Sitio Haduan- a small village at Mabalacat, Pampanga. We have become passionate on working on this project, making it successful …

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Pinoy Appetite

THE ULTIMATE ONLINE SOURCE FOR FILIPINO RECIPES Pinoy Appetite (formerly Appetite Magazine) is a food and lifestyle publication that readers visit for dining, food culture, travel and entertainment. It aims to promote cooking Filipino dishes.  As today’s guide to delicious living, Pinoy Appetite gives the readers an idea on how to elevate everyday meals creatively …

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Polo Loco

Branding and Digital Marketing Design Polo Loco is a clothing brand in Manila, Philippines. We art directed Polo Loco’s brand identity with the idea of classic yet playful approach. We designed and photographed their social media posts following a different theme for every collection releases. Through their eye-candy social media posts, they garnered a lot of …

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